AMD64 boot floppies

Francisco Reyes lists at
Sat Jan 7 07:11:34 PST 2006

Scott Long writes:

> My impression was the floppy drives are disappearing from servers faster
> than CDROM drives are. 

I used to think floppies were no longer needed... and that all I needed was 
a CD ROM  until I discovered sysinstall needs a floppy to install drivers 
(KLDs I think).

Although the problem I had was with a i386 installation, the same would have 
happened if it had been the AMD64 CDs.

It turns out the hardware, 3Ware 9550SX, is now supported in the tree.. but 
the code was put in the tree after release.. and after the latest snapshot 
at the FreeBSD site.

And yes... I know that this is not directly related to... having boot 
floppies.. just trying to point out that floppies still are usefull in some 
cases... and that as long as the OS still FORCES you to use floppies in some 
cases, people will continue to have them. (unless I am totally missing a way 
to load KLDs from CDs/USB keys but sysinstall surely seems to only support 

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