Supermicro H8DA8

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Dec 1 04:31:39 PST 2006

> ook, I see

yes, sorry for the slight confusion there!

> in your case, first thing I would do is compiling a kernel 
> without ciss and disable serial, parallel, ide and usb and 
> take the fxp out to see what happens because I am not sure 
> if the ciss driver is a good friend of ahc at all ... but 
> probably you tried that already

I can't remember if I tried that specific combination, but I
did strip out a lot of drivers at the time to verify that it
really was the disc controllers on the PCI bus causing the problem.
I even went and borrowed an IDE drive to make sure it booted
a GENERIC kernel just on the board with no controllers plugged in.
That worked, as does booting from the IDE with the controllers plugged
in, but not compiled into the kernel.

I can't do anymore testing as I replaced the board, and the original is
now sitting in a box waiting for someone to say "yes, I want to
wrk on the problem" so I can post it to them :-)

I am interested in your comments regarding ciss and ahc by the way - this
is my standard configuartion for machines more or less - boot from a SCSI
drive in an Adaptec controller, with all the data on a Compaq RAID card.
I've been running this way since right back with the ida drivers under
FreeBSD 3.3 or so, and have never had any trouble with them.


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