Conroe & Asus P5B. Should I convert?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Tue Aug 22 20:32:28 UTC 2006

On Tue, Aug 22, 2006 at 11:01:10AM -0700, Nicholas Sayer wrote:
> I have a Conroe (E6600) running on an Asus P5B. This motherboard is  
> based on the P965 chipset. Right now it's running as an i386. I've  
> had to hack a few of the drivers to properly recognize this system,  
> but the important parts of it do work correctly.
> Since the CPU has EM64T capability, I'm considering switching the  
> machine over. I've read some of the list archives and believe I can  
> use a temporary 2nd drive to do the cross-build, boot and upgrade  
> rigamarole.

It might be easier to try and boot and install from a 6.1 amd64
CD-ROM. Then install your patches and build a new kernel+world.
> I'm a bit more concerned about the ports. I see the COMPAT_IA32  
> option in the kernel configuration. Can I expect my installed  
> packages to work after the upgrade? Specifically at least Apache 2,  
> PHP, JDK15, PostgreSQL 8.1 annd KDE?

Since all these work natively on amd64, I wouldn't use the i386
versions. Especially if you'd like to link programs to the KDE or
PostgreSQL libraries.

I'm not sure if you can link a 64-bit program to a 32-bit library and
expect it to work.

> I guess since I have a working system now, I'm sort of looking for a  
> reason not to break it. :)

Make dumps of your partitions and back them up. If amd64 doesn't work
well enough you can easily restore your i386 system.

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