Conroe & Asus P5B. Should I convert?

Wesley Morgan morganw at
Tue Aug 22 21:22:19 UTC 2006

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Nicholas Sayer wrote:

> Mike Jakubik wrote:
>> Nicholas Sayer wrote:
>>> I have a Conroe (E6600) running on an Asus P5B. This motherboard is based 
>>> on the P965 chipset. Right now it's running as an i386. I've had to hack a 
>>> few of the drivers to properly recognize this system, but the important 
>>> parts of it do work correctly.
>>> Since the CPU has EM64T capability, I'm considering switching the machine 
>>> over.
>> Why? Are you planning on using more than 4 gigs of memory?
> No.
>> The only difference i can notice in EMT64 mode is that freebsd uses almost 
>> twice as much memory.
> Ow. Maybe I'll pass.
>> Better use that time to do some benchmarks, i am curious how this processor 
>> performs on freebsd :)
> Well, I can do a buildworld -j2 in about 20 minutes, for what that's worth.

My core dueo @ 1.86 w/ 1.5gb of ram does a buildworld -j4 in 24 minutes. 
However, you can't compare buildworlds without looking at src.conf! :)

I would, however, love to see some benchmarks of amd64 vs i386 on the same 
hardware. Quite frankly I wonder if most people would have a use for 64 
bits beyond expanding the limit of time_t, in 2038.

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