Wine on AMD64

K Wieland kwieland at
Fri Sep 30 07:48:36 PDT 2005

> I know this pops up a lot, but is anyone actively trying to fix Wine 
> under
> AMD64? I've googled through the list archives quickly and haven't seen 
> much
> change in in over a year...
> Any progress? Any pointers on where to start or on what has to be done 
> to get
> it working? What can be done to help?
> -Stephanie


I had the same question a month ago.  I also found that wine only 
exists in 32 bit world, so wine in linux (suse, redhat, etc) is all 32 
bit versions even if it is an 64 bit OS.

Like K Anderson said, it works great under linux.  The port works for 
i386 only.  Freebsd amd64 is another story entirely.  I emailed Gerald 
Pfeifer (gerald at, port maintainer) and he said that he 
hasn't tried porting it to amd64.  For i386 it works fine.  There are 
some discussions on some of the 64bit linux forums for compiling it in 
32bit mode, using wrappers for gcc and ldd to trick the compiler into 
running in 32 bit mode.

I tried removing the "onlyfor i386" and running "make depend".  It got 
to a point where it said "wine_switch_to_stack" hasn't been defined for 
you.  I tried googling it, didn't get very far, though, as I have 
limited programing background.  I wasn't using the right CC flags, but 
I don't know what the right flags are, and I think I had the linux 
compatibility enabled in the kernel, too.

It seems quite a few people run freebsd i386 on their 64 bit capable 
systems for this very reason.

I also would be interested in helping, too.

Let me know.

Kristopher Wieland

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