Which MySQL version best to use and with/without linux threads?

Olaf Greve o.greve at axis.nl
Fri Sep 30 06:22:36 PDT 2005


I've got a MySQL 4.0.16 DB running with several DB instances in it. So 
far, so good, but I'm looking for a bit of advice.

I've got a few small questions:

Firstly: is it (for a webserver) better to compile MySQL with 
linux-threads or without? I seem to recall having read that Linux uses a 
better threading mechanism, and that MySQL really benefits from this... 
What do you all think?

Then, I'm currently configuring a second beast, eehhhh, server. :)
Being an AMD-64 19" server, running FreeBSD 5.4-Release AMD64. On it, I 
instinctively installed the latest MySQL 4.0.x version (being 4.0.26) 
and it works flawlessly with the data from my current production machine.

Still so far, so good. :)

However... I was wondering what the advantages (and potential 
disadvantages!) may be of using a newer line of the MySQL DB.

Can anyone tell me what the advantages/pitfalls may be of using v4.1.x 
or even v5, over using 4.0.x ?

A year or two ago I installed a 4.1.x version and there were some issues 
then with using the passwords, coming from a 3.23.x or 4.0.x one. I 
don't remember the details, but it had something to do with that...

Any advice is more than welcome, as this is the moment for me to make 
this sort of decicion, and I'd like to do so based on real user's 

Thank you kindly in advance, and with kind regards,
Olaf Greve

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