90nm core opterons scrapped?

Daniel Rock freebsd at deadcafe.de
Thu Sep 22 16:40:42 PDT 2005

Ken Gunderson schrieb:
> Well, yeah, they're definitely faster.  Also another $700 each more
> expensive.  I need them for a project and have been waiting on them for
> 4 months now, each month AMD pushing them out another 30 days.  Getting
> to be freakin' ridiculous!  But definitely not very funny.  AMD is now
> telling my distributor that the 90nm cores were NEVER released, wh/I
> don't find very believable.  So I am curious, does anyone have any 90nm
> cores, or is the AMD guy telling the truth about th CG being the "most
> recent"?

You misunderstood. The E4/90nm cores are shipping - but only the faster ones 
(Opteron x46 onwards). I have two perfectly working Opteron 252 in my box - 
they only exist as 90nm cores.


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