amd64 Radeon 9000 nForce3 250 agp support - Yes and No

Jung-uk Kim jkim at
Thu Sep 15 09:20:14 PDT 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 11:53 am, Ganael Laplanche wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried beta-1 with Radeon 9000 pro and nforce3-250gb, but system
> hangs during X bootup. I had to go back to the goold old driver
> from 5.x :(

The 'good old' driver uses generic nForce AGP interface.  If the 
driver really works, I will be surprised.  I admit agp_amd64.c 
requires more work (esp. chipset-specific handling including nForce) 
but I had no time/hardware.

Anyway you have to make sure agp(4) really works for you.

> The PR is here :
> Any clue ?

Have you tried xorg-server-snap?  If it doesn't work, can you try 


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