Building world

Ralph Zitz ralph at
Wed Sep 14 11:47:48 PDT 2005


I'm currently running FreeBSD 6.0/AMD64 beta4 on my dual xeon nocona system.
In /etc/make.conf I have CPUTYPE=nocona.
Every time I do a cvsup to "update world" I have to manually change 

LIB32PREFLAGS=  -m32 -march=athlon-xp ........
LIB32PREFLAGS=  -m32 -march=prescott ........

Obviously it makes sense to have it set to athlon-xp for the AMD64 arch, 
but since I'm running
on Nocona it would be nice to have it look at what CPUTYPE is set to.
I guess the question is: Would it be possible to add this check ?


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