More about the 9500S-4 issues with the MoBo and FreeBSD...

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Tue Nov 29 15:32:48 GMT 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 07:18:32 -0800
ray at wrote:

> | RAID 10, 4x SATA 187GB. To be used in a semi high end MySQL database 
> | server, and for me software RAID is pretty much a no-no (unless all else 
> | fails).
> If your clients are hoping for a high end reliable MySQL database, they sure
> picked a funny motherboard for it :)  Like you say, I think that motherboard is
> popular with gamers.  And usually those boards are designed for working great
> with the latest greatest video card and not much else.
> Tyan baby, tyan.  Check their website for distributors.  Or check some place
> like and see how has the board you are looking for.  I also have
> a distributor I use that is an AMD gold partner (or something like that).  I
> would imagine they can ship pretty much wherever. If you need a contact for
> them, contact me off list.

I'm waiting to see how things play out w/a DOA server before I buy/
recommend Tyan (other than this I have several w/no problems).  Using
an SLI based gaming board for a webserver was, IMHO, not the best use
of logic regardless of preferred supplier issues.  I am curious as to
why they didn't opt for a dual Opteron for semi high-end database use.
A dual core Athalon isn't going to come close.  Not to mention that the
Asus board doesn't use ECC Registered memory.  Standardizing workstation
and server stuff on same hw platform is bad planning.  Unless, of
course, one is expecting the venture to fail and hopes to redeploy that
Asus board and dual core Athalon in their new high end gaming system...

I, too, have my preferred suppliers.  You'd be amazed at what
they are capable of getting for you once they realize not doing so
means you'll go elsewhere.  Heck, mine now even brought the LSI line in
as preferred RAID solution because they kept losing my biz when I
refused to settle for Adaptec. 

But perhaps we're beating a dead horse here since client has their
criteria.  Good luck.

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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