More about the 9500S-4 issues with the MoBo and FreeBSD...

Olaf Greve o.greve at
Tue Nov 29 15:06:23 GMT 2005

Hi Ken, Ray, and the list,

> Try setting "Plug and Pray OS" to "No".

Will do.

And I'll also check the possibility of the CMOS clearing.

It seems that at home we have internet again (at least: that's what I 
gather from my wife and daughter) so I can also at ease read up in the 
docs of the MoBo on how to achieve this.

> IMHO the Asus was a sub optimal choice for a server board. 

I know. The MoBo in question seems to be a gamer's board, rather than a 
server board. The "issue" is that the client has a preferred supplier 
and they do not seem to have brands like Tyan (AFAIR). As an added 
ho-hum regarding using a gamer's board vs. a server board, there is of 
course the inherent difference in intended usage types, respectively 
fast graphics and CPU calculations vs. 24/7 reliability... Dunno how 
well these Asus-es perform in that respect.........

 > The mobo may
> still be new enough to RMA in wh/case I'd go w/a non nVidia based Tyan
> server board.  Yes, I know the nVidia stuff is supported much better
> under 6.0 than 5.4 but it's still not as mature as the AMD chipsets so
> I'm still staying away form them for a while yet for applications like
> webservers where rock solid stability is a concern 

Yes, this is definitely a thing to consider. I can see the client's 
point for wanting to get the Asus working (as they indeed to use the 
same architecture for future machines, and then of course it would be 
handy if they can readily achieve the parts from their own supplier), so 
I'll give it a few more shots tonight, but in case I can't get it to 
work, I'll make sure to stress the importance of sticking to server 
boards, and I'll then steer them towards a Tyan.

On the bright side for the client: I'm not exactly charging them 
full-blown consultancy fees, as they are friends of mine; but even at 
the amounts they do pay me, the break-even point between added cost for 
a better MoBo vs. the required hours of me fiddling around with it will 
quickly be reached; and then the former has by far the preference as 
that has the added advantage of them having a better (suited) MoBo...

> Olafo-- refresh my meory on this- what are the disk config requirements?

RAID 10, 4x SATA 187GB. To be used in a semi high end MySQL database 
server, and for me software RAID is pretty much a no-no (unless all else 


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