Asus A8N-E

Martin Nilsson martin at
Tue Nov 29 13:14:48 GMT 2005

Dev Tugnait wrote:
> I am planning on buying Athlon X2 4400 and was looking at the Asus A8N-E
> mobo for it. I have checked

I have one in my home server with a x2 3800+ it's been running 6.0/amd64 
for about a week. The nVidia Gbit LAN have its problems don't count on 
it. I have a MegaRAID 320-2e in the x16 PCI-e slot, a Broadcom nic in 
one of the x1 PCI-e slots and a PCI graphics card everything works well. 
I have tested with a cheap PCI-e graphics board in the x2 slot and it 
worked too.

I'm not using the SATA connectors but they did work when I tested them 


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