Asus A8N-E

Olaf Greve o.greve at
Tue Nov 29 12:49:50 GMT 2005


> I am planning on buying Athlon X2 4400 and was looking at the Asus A8N-E
> mobo for it. I have checked
> the dmesg and
> pr, seems like every things working in order. My main question is are
> Athlon X2's supported? I gather this from the processor listing support

Yes they are. At present I'm setting up a machine with that very type of 
processor and that is working fine. However, I am having a lot of issues 
with a different Asus MoBo (the A8N-SLI premium) in combination with a 
3ware 9500S-4LP RAID SATA controller.

If you need that controller, beware! If not, I think you should be in 
the clear, as without the RAID controller the MoBo + Athlon X2 4400 + 
FreeBSD 6 AMD64 seems to work a charm.


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