6.0 boot CD does not boot?

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Sun Nov 27 16:07:32 GMT 2005

Christopher Thomas wrote:
> Derrick Edwards wrote:
>>>     All, I am also having this problem. I even tried 3 times. I read 
>>> the previous post and I would like to know the procedure for this 
>>> solution.
>>> "You could boot and install as i386 and cross-build your way into 
>>> amd64 land.
>>> It's pretty straightforward."
>>> Not exactly sure where to start.
>>> Thanks Derrick
> I too am having this problem with 6.0-release amd64. Posted about this 
> in my Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D thread. Not sure if its the same problem 
> as this gent is having. But a problem none-the-less.
> --I'm a little worried by the number of reports of this.  Can you send 
> --information on your motherboard, BIOS, and cdrom?
> --Scott
> To add to a potential non-working amd64 database. Here is my specs as 
> well. (Considering I'm not the only one.)
> Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D
> AMD64 3500+
> 1GB GeIL DDR 400
> BIOS: Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS
> Although I think a problem with mine might have been the ataraid module 
> trying to load at boot, but I'm not sure and at this point, unable to 
> retest the issue.
> Hope this helps,
> Christopher Thomas

Ok, sorry if I'm asking you to repeat, but where exactly does it stop


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