FreeBSD 5.4 or 6 for DB server with 9500S-4 ?

ray at ray at
Fri Nov 25 20:31:34 GMT 2005

| A benchmark paper is being written right now that shows that for i/o,
| FreeBSD 6.0 is universally faster and scales better than 5.4.  Watch for
| it to be released fairly soon.
| It's fine to doubt conventional wisdom, but you too should back up what
| you're saying.  Otherwise, it just amounts to FUD.
| Scott

Thanks Scott, I'll be interested in seeing it.  As far as FUD, like I said
before, I'll stick to my guns about not putting the absolute newest OS (or
anything else) into production use the second it is released.  I know orgs like
FreeBSD do a huge amount of testing and I'm constantly impressed by FreeBSD, but
I still am very hesitant to rush right into something new.  If you want to call
that fear, okay.  I personally call it caution :)


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