nasty amd64 date bug?

Axel Gonzalez loox at
Thu Nov 17 08:26:16 PST 2005

$ date -r 190300000000
Sun May 14 01:06:40 CST 8000

This is probably a bios error, that can't handle dates so much in the future

This happens only on amd64, because it uses 64 bits utimes.

On i386, with 32 bits utimes, the maximun date is about 2032, so the bios 
shouldn't have problems with that date (remember the *nix version of the y2k 
problem ??)

So this is not really a bug, is a feature ;)

On Thursday 17 November 2005 07:34, Mars G. Miro wrote:
> Hiya list!
>  Earlier today, one of my cow-orkers inadvertently did a:
>  # date 190000000000
>  and his FreeBSD/amd64 box hung and dead on the water :-(
>  I tried to reproduce it and can confirm that it only happens on
> FreeBSD/amd64, on 5.4R and in 6.0RC1 (6.0R might be affected). In i386
> it just gives an 'incorrect date' message or something if you type in
> something not w/in 190300000000->203800000000 range. Also this
> requires root privs so not really something to panic.
>  Any case, I wanted to break to debugger but ran out of time (mebe
> tomorrow when I'm back at work), or perhaps somebody else here who can
> risk crash-testing their amd64 boxen can try it.
>  Thanks and FYI.
> cheers
> mars
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