nasty amd64 date bug?

Mars G. Miro marsgmiro at
Thu Nov 17 05:34:19 PST 2005

Hiya list!

 Earlier today, one of my cow-orkers inadvertently did a:
 # date 190000000000
 and his FreeBSD/amd64 box hung and dead on the water :-(

 I tried to reproduce it and can confirm that it only happens on
FreeBSD/amd64, on 5.4R and in 6.0RC1 (6.0R might be affected). In i386
it just gives an 'incorrect date' message or something if you type in
something not w/in 190300000000->203800000000 range. Also this
requires root privs so not really something to panic.
 Any case, I wanted to break to debugger but ran out of time (mebe
tomorrow when I'm back at work), or perhaps somebody else here who can
risk crash-testing their amd64 boxen can try it.

 Thanks and FYI.


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