Tyan GT24 - Thunder K8SRE mainboard

Norberto Meijome freebsd at meijome.net
Wed Nov 9 19:09:40 PST 2005

Lawrence Farr wrote:
>>hi there - i have said box, was running 6. just fine with the first 
>>release of the BIOS . After updating to BIOS to the latest 
>>one (had some 
>>interesting upgrades), i started getting some errors about 
>>memory (end < start)...are those the errors you were getting? still 
>>trying to solve it :( I may start a separate thread if I can't figure 
>>this one out soon.
> Yep, that's the ones. Never tried downgrading the BIOS, just checked
> it was the latest.

ok - i can confirm installing v.1 of the BIOS fixes the issue. Haven't
tried with the one in between the latest and v1.0.

The BIOS files are from

* dmesg -a after booting verbose for working BIOS :

* dmesg -a after booting verbose new,not working BIOS :

Is it worth submitting a PR for this? what information do you / anyone
suggest is included in it? I'd love to be able to test more, but I can't
keep this box offline any longer.


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