Mainboard for amd64 (and some other questions)

Andreas Klemm andreas at
Mon Nov 7 22:10:10 PST 2005

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 06:40:05PM +0100, Felix 'buebo' Kakrow wrote:
> Iam looking for board with a fast chipset (something like the  
> nForce4), SATA, gigabit ethernet and sound on-board supported in  

look at the PRs concerning nve driver and nVidia4.
Its very likely that it doesn't run.
If your board has a 2nd chip on board i.e. via re driver
then you can use at least this one.
-current driver and never linux drivers from nVidia 
also doesn't solve the problems with the guy I know
with his nVidia4 based board.

> SATA-Raid is not need, allthough it would certanly nice to have it. I  
> have some spare Soundcards and NICs so it would be ok Sound or  

Concerning sound on mainboard. The external speakers mini plugs
that connect to the plug on the mainboard (case) sometimes don't
find good contact. I would recommend a PCI based sound card.

> I'm not sure about it because I have no idea if I'll ever get some 3D- 
> Support under amd64.

You could run i386 on amd64 as I do at the moment to be able to use
all ports in the ports collection. Some stuff still only runs on i386.

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