Mainboard for amd64 (and some other questions)

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Thu Nov 3 15:53:52 PST 2005

At 06:40 PM 11/3/2005 +0100, Felix 'buebo' Kakrow wrote:
| Hi,
| I'm looking for a Mainboard for an amd64 desktop machine. I know the  
| list of supported mainboards on and I'f tried to find a  
| something with google, but the combination of PCI-Express and fully  
| (or even mostly) supported seems to be very hard to find.
| Iam looking for board with a fast chipset (something like the  
| nForce4), SATA, gigabit ethernet and sound on-board supported in  
| SATA-Raid is not need, allthough it would certanly nice to have it. I  
| have some spare Soundcards and NICs so it would be ok Sound or  
| Ethernet just don't work at the moment as long as there's the  
| perspective that they will in the not to distant future and not only  
| in current.
| Can anybody recommend a mainboard?
| I'm planning on dual booting i386 and amd64 for the time beeing and  
| switch over fully to amd64 when everything I need is working (OO.o  
| for example).
| At the moment I'm in favour of an Athlon X2, is this machine  
| supported with both cores in i386 (with a SMP-Kernel of course)?
| Aside from this I hear that there's some efford to port the nvidia  
| binary driver to amd64, so a nvidia graphics card seems to be a good  
| choice here (game performance under windows is not totally  
| unimportand to me ;-)). I do like the GigaByte GV-NX66128DP because  
| it's fanless, reasonally priced and has a realistic performance, but  
| I'm not sure about it because I have no idea if I'll ever get some 3D- 
| Support under amd64.
| Since FBSD is my main system for getting stuff done (I'm also toying  
| around with Linux from time to time) at the moment I don't want to  
| buy unsupported hardware, but on the other hand my last mainboard  
| died and I can't wait to long with getting something new, so there's  
| a timefactor...
| Thanks in advance.
| Felix
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Hi Felix,

  I recently built a new desktop and used the Tyan S2875 dual Opteron board.
It's a fantastic motherboard.  I did have some issues with an IDE NEC DVD burner
on the IDE channel, but once I switched to using an SATA -> IDE adapter, the
problem wasn't an issue.

  If you would like any other info, feel free to write.


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