amd64 does not see all 4 GB RAM on tyan GT24

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Mon Nov 7 14:24:19 PST 2005

> >>>Just received a Tyan GT24 with a S2891 board. In the
> >>>bios-setup-utility the board has 4 GB RAM, but when FreeBSD 6.0
> >>>release boot it only recognizes 3 GB. Dmesg:
> >>
> >>Please send the verbose boot output, specifically the lines that
> >>mention 'SMAP'.
> >
> > Did a verbose boot but no lines mentioning SMAP. Verbose dmes is attached.
> Not sure why the SMAP lines didn't get printed out.  Anyways, check your
> BIOS for a setting related to PCI-Express.  Some motherboards allow you
> to reclaim the 256MB hole that PCI-Express consumes.  That should help
> your problem at least a little bit.

I'll do tomorrow when I get back to work.I'll also try to change
memory mapping to software if that is not the default. I'll post the
result. Thank you for the feedback and the pointer to the thread that
discussed a similar (if not exact) issue. The thread is


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