filesystem reported full while copying from nfs-mount

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Thu May 19 03:37:50 PDT 2005


I nfs-mounted a volume from host a to host b. While copying a folder
recursively from the nfs-server to the client the system reported
filesystem full. The folder is 2.3 GB and destination volume has
enough diskspace.

I did a foreach-loop from zsh and initiated five concurrent scp's
using this script:

foreach C (`ls mappe*|cut -d ":" -f 1|grep mappe`)
echo $C
time scp -r monica/2002-09-01 $C &

bmw~%>df -h                                             
/dev/amrd0s2f          15G     11G    2.8G    80%    /home
monica:/home/claus     15G    2.3G     12G    16%    /home/claus/monica

Nothing earthshattering. Used udp- and tcp-mounts.

The server is a Dell PE 2850 @ 2.8 GHz and 4 GB RAM using the
amd64-release port.


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