memory allocation / initialization of allocated memory

Simeon Nifos archwndas at
Sun May 15 02:55:22 PDT 2005

Dear list,
I just encountered something which may cause problems 
to debugging memory allocation. You see I had a C code
with a lot of memory allocation/deallocation
and indirect addressing. Unfortunately I had 3 bugs 
there. Running under Linux the compiler reported 

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer:
0x08056aa8 ***

This was not however the case with FreeBSD 4.11,
5.4 which didn't have a problem. Testing a simple
program which allocates doubles and/or ints I realized
that FreeBSD automatically initializes to zero the
memory which is allocated by malloc. This is default 
behaviour I guess and I hope that it can be changed.
Otherwise we have problems tracking memory allocation
errors in buggy code. 

Could somebody let me know how to change this default 

Thanks in advance!

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