iWill ZMaxDP

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Thu May 12 20:50:28 PDT 2005

gnn at freebsd.org wrote:
> So, I'm considering doing 2P work on FreeBSD-CURRENT with the above
> box.  Specs:
> nVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCP
> TI IEEE1394 TSB43AB22PDT Host Controller
> Marvell 88E1111 PHY
> Native nVIDIA Ethernet MAC
> I saw some issues in the mailing list in January but I'm wondering how
> this box is working lately.
> Later,
> George

6-current might work better on the motherboard than 5-stable due to the
new way that we do timecounters.  I know that that's the case for my
nforce4 motherboard.  The nvidia MAC will require the 'nv' ethernet 
driver that can be found in the sys tree in 6-current (or the ports tree
for 5-stable).  I've tried to use this with my board, but it screws up
badly in the PHY attachment code and winds up panicing when you first
try to bring the interface up.  I haven't gotten very far with debugging
it, unfortunately.  The firewire controller will probably work fine.
Feel free to bug me if you have any questions.


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