max Gb of phys. memory?

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Fri May 6 08:47:51 PDT 2005

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> > 	I need to set up a box with 'allot' of phys. memory. so far im 
> > finding that the amount of memory is per cpu, ie: 8Gb per cpu
> You have 4 or 8 DIMM sockets per CPU, depending on the motherboard.
> That is the only limit pertaining to the CPU.  Some 
> motherboards can handle 4GB DIMM's, others 2GB DIMM's, yet 
> others only 1GB DIMM's.
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One of the expensive Tyan boards I looked at supported 16Gb Ram, so I can safely
assume that the AMD-64 version will use all of this memeory?  (8 DIMM slots x
2Gb ea)

I'm assuming the limit would be hardware limited as FreeBSD-AMD64 should support
128Gb Ram??

As for my FreeBSD box, {which I only got some of the components in today!} it
will only have 1Gb for starters.
(see attached) Boy that Kingston Registered ECC DDR400 1Gb kit was fine looking,
black heat sync's and gold plated contacts. It was like $450 USD for the 1Gb
Kit, but <sigh> it was in stock, and I didn't want to go to the ends of the
earth to skimp...  The last thing I wanted to worry about was poor memory



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