max Gb of phys. memory?

Danny Braniss danny at
Fri May 6 08:44:12 PDT 2005

> On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 09:04:25AM +0300, Danny Braniss wrote:
> > 	I need to set up a box with 'allot' of phys. memory. so far
> > im finding that the amount of memory is per cpu, ie: 8Gb per cpu
> You have 4 or 8 DIMM sockets per CPU, depending on the motherboard.
> That is the only limit pertaining to the CPU.  Some motherboards can
> handle 4GB DIMM's, others 2GB DIMM's, yet others only 1GB DIMM's.

ok, i guess i havet to refrase question

this is a dual cpu amd board,

under Main Memory, it says:
(4 dimm slots per processor ...)

so Q:
	can ONE process, take advantage of more than 8Gb?
btw, i had such a box last week, and run 5.4 very nicely - appart from being
a bit noisy,  which i was informed is fixed in the newer boxes :-)


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