Any LiveCD of freebsd/x86_64?

Clarence Chu clcchu at
Tue May 3 13:48:44 PDT 2005

am just curious if there's any liveCD of freebsd/x86_64 to test whether
a box is capable of running freebsd/x86_64 instead of having the
system to be installed.  if there's such a beast, please kindly let me
know of any download URL.  at best it includes X11, jdk1.5.0p1_1, audio 
and be compatible with both amd64 and em64t.  that should save us
a lot of time in hunting for compatible mainboards, display drivers, network
drivers, em64t/amd64 compatibility of jdk-1.5.0, etc.

best wishes,

clarence chu

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