twa breakage on AMD64 with UTC RELENG_5 commit

Vinod Kashyap vkashyap at
Fri Jan 14 17:40:18 PST 2005

I tried reproducing the problem on both i386 and amd64,
but could not.  I installed 5.3 RELEASE, cvsuped to the
tip of RELENG_5, re-built the kernel with twa integrated,
and rebooted.  The test systems booted just fine (off of
3ware controlled da0).  I even tried replacing just the
twa sources of 5.3 RELEASE with the twa sources from the
tip of RELENG_5, and that worked fine too.  All this,
without even upgrading the firmware from (which
is bundled into 5.3 RELEASE sources).  So, I am confused as
to what might be happening.

Could you give the attached patch a try?  Just a hunch...

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> Subject: Re: twa breakage on AMD64 with
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> >Could you see if the driver is getting loaded?  The driver prints
> >the message: "3ware device driver for 9000 series storage 
> controllers...".
> >
> >Did the new firmware get flashed?  You can download the firmware
> >from the 3ware website and flash it on the card using a DOS floppy.
> >Alternatively, you can add 'options TWA_FLASH_FIRMWARE' to your
> >kernel configuration file and rebuild the kernel.  This should build
> >the kernel/driver with the firmware bundled, and the firmware should
> >automatically get downloaded the next time you reboot.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> I reloaded the new driver and rebuilt the kernel last night with the 
> TWA_FLASH_FIRMWARE, Did not see the -D on the command line for the 
> rebuild, the new firmware was not requested to load. I got the new 
> firmware from 3ware and flashed it in, Still does not work. I 
> also build 
> a straight GENERIC Kernel, still no luck. Their is no error 
> message that 
> I saw and the versions number for the pieces did change so it 
> the "new" 
> stuff. I need to setup a serial console to capture the full messages, 
> should have that on monday night. Thank You -mjm
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