Tyan Thunder K8SR (S2881) w/ Adaptec 2130SLP

Vladimir Cambur vlad at turkticaret.net
Sat Jan 8 03:03:11 PST 2005


I was able to install FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE on Tyan S2881 (dual Opteron 
244 and 4GB ram)
with Adaptec 2130SLP scsi raid controller (raid5 configuration).
It was detected by aac driver as it's supposed to be.
However after reboot FreeBSD boot manager just gave me "boot: error 128 
lba 0" and system did not boot.
Google did not give anything useful except 
but this was about Promise SX6000.
Did anyone experience something similar with this mainboard and raid 
controller ?
Is there any solution ?
Or maybe adaptec 2130SLP is not supported as a boot device by FreeBSD ?

Vladimir Cambur
Turkticaret.Net A.S.

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