FreeBSD 6.0-Release AMD64 3DM2 3ware 7506-8

Henry Vogt hv at
Thu Dec 15 10:35:54 PST 2005

Am 15.12.2005 um 18:54 schrieb Tom Cumming:

> Webinterface shows the following version info:
> Last updated Fri, Dec 09, 2005 09:57.33AM
> 3DM 2 version (64 bit)
>    I'll be damn. I thought that didn't work.
>    I am curious though, is it running secure (i.e., https:// 
> localhost)?

Althoug the same port, the i386 (32bit) version, always uses ssl -  
the 64bit version doesn't seem to use ssl at all.
Not sure, but i believe to have read this somewhere (on the 3ware  
website?) that ssl is not (yet?) supported in the 64bit version.

Hope that helps.
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