dmesg from Tyan Tomcat K8E 2865

Eike Bernhardt eike at
Thu Dec 1 08:40:56 GMT 2005

Am 30.11.2005 um 23:12 schrieb Dieter:

>> I'm looking at one of these.  Any updates now that you've had it  
>> for a
>> while?  Any outstanding issues?
> Ordered some cat6 patch cables earlier today, so I'll be able to  
> try out
> the onboard Ethernets.  (RJ45s and BNCs don't play well together.)

We just got a Tomcat K8E in a new server -- since it is a proxy, we  
don't use audio or firewire, so I can't say anything about them.

The onboard bge network interface is working without problems, the  
onboard nve interface -- well, that interface has some problem, it is  
frequently running into timeouts and is becoming unusable.

As Bjoern A. Zeeb posted some days ago, there is some bug hunting  
going on in -current, so that problem might go away soon -- but in  
the meantime we just disabled the nve interface, put in an old 3com  
card and thats working without problems. So if you need two network  
interfaces, be prepared to put in another nic until the problems with  
the nve interface are fixed.

The onboard SATA Controller works out of the box -- we have four  
disks attached to it, no problems there.

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