dmesg from Tyan Tomcat K8E 2865

Dieter freebsd at
Thu Dec 1 06:14:57 GMT 2005

> I'm looking at one of these.  Any updates now that you've had it for a
> while?  Any outstanding issues?

I am still annoyed at ATI for not implementing sync-on-green in their
video chips.

Reading DV from the onboard firewire via fwcontrol -R seems to work
okay, but sending DV to the onboard firewire via fwcontrol -S results
in dropouts.  Very repeatable.  

Sending DV to a NEC uPD72871/2 (PCI card) either works fine or not at all.

So there is something not quite right in firewire land, but at this point I
can't blame it on the Tyan's onboard controller.

Ordered some cat6 patch cables earlier today, so I'll be able to try out
the onboard Ethernets.  (RJ45s and BNCs don't play well together.)

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