64-bit firefox

Peter Korsten peterk at maltanet.net
Wed Aug 10 12:07:50 GMT 2005

Scott Long schreef:

>> Use Galeon or Epiphany?  I'm of the general opinion that, while FF is a
>> godsend for M$ clients, it pretty much sucks on *nix.
>> I don't know the 64 bit status of those browsers but I suspect you'll b
>> get more cooperation.  Your's is far from the first complaint I've
>> heard regarding the FF team's arrogance.  Epiphany and Galeon are both
>> workable solutions, so why bother w/FF and being treated poorly?

So what's wrong with it on Unix? At work, I run it on my Sun Blade 100 
running Solaris 8, and whilst my Athlon64 beats it hands-down in about 
every aspect, I'm quite happy with it. Especially all the extensions, 
although arguably quite a few of those should go into a Dashboard-like 
application like Mac OS X has.

> I've been using Mozilla (the real Mozilla) on FreeBSD/amd64 for several
> months and have had few problems with it.  Despite the wishes of the
> Firefox team to pretend that Firefox is somehow the holy blessed
> browser, you'll have to pry Mozilla from cold, dead hands.  The only
> thing I hate more than Firefox is the thick stench of propaganda
> surrounding it.

Hmm. I was quite happy to move from Mozilla to Firefox, although I'm 
still working mostly on It That Must Not Be Named. (Mea culpa - haven't 
gotten round to download and burn 5.4, which should support my Asus 
A8N-SLI better than 5.3.)

But a certain amount of arrogance/hard-headedness is inherent to 
everything at the Mozilla project. For instance, the insistence that CSS 
is nothing less than the New Revelations of the Supreme Being. That they 
draw their own widgets, because CSS doesn't explicitly forbid 
overlapping text and/or widgets. Never mind that it's totally impractical.

In fact, this attitude is inherent to many open-source projects, and I 
seem to be noticing a certain backlash from Windows people, who start 
doing the same thing.

Thank goodness that there's some common sense left in - not to sound too 
self-congratulatory - FreeBSD. :)

- Peter

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