64-bit firefox

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Wed Aug 10 07:06:27 GMT 2005

Ken Gunderson wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 00:27:38 -0400 (EDT)
> "Mikhail T." <mi at aldan.algebra.com> wrote:
>>After a rather ungratifying exchange with some of the prominent Mozilla
>>project members, here is my conclusion.
>>The "old" firefox-1.x is not expected to run on amd64. Lucky you, if it
>>does. The code for the branch was forked a long time ago (circa April
>>2004, AFAIK) and only "security fixes" get merged into it.
>>Do not bother submitting patches -- you will be yelled at
>>unceremoniously for wasting developers' time with patches against an
>>obsolete version and accused of other misdemeanors.
>>The upcoming version of the browser -- "Deer Park", a.k.a. 1.5 --
>>currently in alpha2, is supposed to come off the trunk of their
>>cvs tree, which already contains a lot of bug-fixes, including
>>64bit-specific ones, but these will NOT be merged into the firefox-1.x
>>Those fixes aren't great -- "long", for example, is used in lieu of
>>"intptr_t" (MSVC is not C99-compliant, so screw you), but they just
>>happen to work for now.
>>I think, we need to concentrate on porting this new Deer Park version
>>(www/deerpark ?) in preferance of the current (www/firefox). Although
>>alpha, it, apparently, has a better chance of working right on our
>>"unusual" set of platforms.
>>The 1.5 release is expected in September.
>>Those wanting a stabler browser right now ought to use linux-firefox,
>>opera, or konqueror.
>>	-mi
> Use Galeon or Epiphany?  I'm of the general opinion that, while FF is a
> godsend for M$ clients, it pretty much sucks on *nix.
> I don't know the 64 bit status of those browsers but I suspect you'll b
> get more cooperation.  Your's is far from the first complaint I've
> heard regarding the FF team's arrogance.  Epiphany and Galeon are both
> workable solutions, so why bother w/FF and being treated poorly?
> My $0.02...  Worth about what you paid for it...

I've been using Mozilla (the real Mozilla) on FreeBSD/amd64 for several
months and have had few problems with it.  Despite the wishes of the
Firefox team to pretend that Firefox is somehow the holy blessed
browser, you'll have to pry Mozilla from cold, dead hands.  The only
thing I hate more than Firefox is the thick stench of propaganda
surrounding it.


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