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> >> Hi.
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> >> I'm getting a couple of Dell 2850's with dual EMT64 cpu's @ 2.8 GHz to
> >> replace our very trusty PIII-nfs-servers. I am accustomed to the
> >> rock-solid stability of the i386-port of the 5.x-branch and will
> >> probably put i386 on them. But has anyone used the amd64 coupled with
> >> PE 2850's as nfs-servers? They have onboard em-interfaces.
> > 
> Well, I don't have the 2850's, but I have a dual amd64 usinmg a Tyan 
> Mobo, and it's quite fast, quite safe.  I went and bought a couple of 
> refurbished 145G scsi drives, and linked them up on a raid via vinum, 
> and it's huge, safe, fast, and reliable.  Being that it's refurbished, 
> the reliable part needs some watching for, but so far, so good.

Do you mean vinum or gvinum here?  (or is gvinum oficially called vinum
now??)  Could you elaborate on what type of vinum configs you're using?
I've used it a lot on 4.x, but last I tried it was a long ways from
being ready for prime time on 5.x.  Still had issues with gvinum mirror
as of early this month.  I hear Lukas has been busting a on it though
so maybe safe to use now??


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