amd64 port of transcode broke

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Wed Apr 13 15:22:21 PDT 2005

Chuck Robey wrote:
> The port of multimedia/transcode is busted.  That won't surprise you 
> unduly, but the error is one I would very much like to learn about, so 
> if you can help, please please do.  The error from the build listing (I 
> always capture build listings) is:

OK, I have all those problems behind me, and I even got vlc built and 
installed.  It's extremely nice.  There is one problem.  It's my sound.

Don';t get me wrong, my SoundBlaster Audigy is working pretty well, but 
the problem seems tobe that the digital output seems to be randomly on 
and off, while the regular analog works perfectly.  Seeing as my goal is 
multichannel stereo and that cant work in analog, this isn't very good.

I'm looking for a mixer application that will turn on my digital output. 
        Do we have one of these bears?  I'm willing to experiment, but I 
sure hope it's not a limitation inthe driver.

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