QEMU on FreeBSD/amd64 (patches)

Jung-uk Kim jkim at niksun.com
Wed Apr 13 13:35:34 PDT 2005

I finally manage to build QEMU snapshot on FreeBSD/amd64 6-CURRENT.  
There's ports/emulators/qemu but it doesn't build on AMD64 for 
several reasons, i. e., QEMU and FreeBSD are both fast moving targets 
(esp. src/lib/msun), some long double math functions don't exist on 
FreeBSD, GCC in base system doesn't build QEMU because of several 
optimization bugs specific to AMD64, etc.

1.  Install GCC 3.4 from ports.

Anything newer than 20050316 should work.  (Theoretically you can use 
gcc40 newer than 20041127 but not verified.  Actually I am using 
patched version of src/contrib/gcc. ;-)

2.  Install following dependencies from ports:

	devel/gmake (of course)

I believe samba is optional but sdl12 is not.  It doesn't work without 
SDL because `-nographic' option is broken.  I believe it is an 
upstream bug (related to FreeBSD's pty or termios, i. e., fail to get 
correct term size and segfault) but I couldn't pin-point the culprit 
yet.  In fact, I didn't bother too much because SDL worked just 
fine. ;-)

3.  Get the latest QEMU source from:


The file name is something like qemu-snapshot-*.tar.bz2.

4.  Extract the tarball, chdir to it, and do the following:

	mkdir -p bsd/amd64
	patch -p0 < ${PATCHDIR}/qemu-snapshot-fbsd.diff
	patch -p0 < ${PATCHDIR}/qemu-libmath-amd64.diff
	./configure -cc=${GCC_BIN}
	gmake install

${PATCHDIR} is where the attached patches are saved and ${GCC_BIN} is 
gcc path, e. g., /usr/local/bin/gcc34 for GCC 3.4.4 
and /usr/local/bin/gcc40 for GCC 4.0.0, etc.

I was able to run DragonFly 1.2 CD-ROM on i386 emulation (qemu) and 
Mandrake Linux 10.2rc1 for amd64 on x86-64 emulation 
(qemu-system-x86-64).  ppc (qemu-system-ppc) and sparc 
(qemu-system-sparc) emulators are not tested.


Jung-uk Kim

Note 1: The limitations of this patch should be the same from ports 
because large portion was taken from it:


Note 2: qemu-libmath-amd64.diff contains C99 long double math 
functions taken from glibc-2.3.5 and modified for FreeBSD/amd64:


rintl()		sysdeps/i386/fpu/s_rintl.c
atan2l()	sysdeps/i386/fpu/e_atan2l.c
sqrtl()		sysdeps/i386/fpu/e_sqrtl.c
llrintl()	sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_llrintl.S
lrintl()	sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_llrintl.S
sinl()		sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_sinl.S
cosl()		sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_cosl.S
tanl()		sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/s_tanl.S
logl()		sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/e_logl.S
powl()		sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/e_powl.S
remainderl()	sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/e_remainderl.S

Just enough to compile QEMU snapshot until we complete C99 
project. ;-) Similarly you can add other architectures under 
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