Tyan k8sr lockups

Gary Mu1der gmulder at infotechfl.com
Mon Apr 4 08:43:10 PDT 2005


I'm using a PCI 64 bit Adaptec 2200S SCSI card. However the system was 
not under any disk load at the time. It was explained to me that reading 
from memory mapped I/O with the dd command might be crashing the system.


Roger Marquis wrote:
> Gary Mu1der <gmulder at infotechfl.com> wrote:
>> Any idea how we can get more diagnostics on what in FreeBSD is causing
>> the crash?
> This wasn't a U320 SCSI system by any chance?  The reason I ask is
> that it is very similar to problem a few months ago, on a Tyan
> S2881, which turned out to be pci-x bus related.  Have also seen
> similar/identical issues with other Tyan boards when used with U320
> SCSI controllers.
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