i386 or AMD64?

Schnoopay schnoopay at mackanics.net
Tue Sep 28 14:08:52 PDT 2004

I'm soon to be getting an Athlon64 and am debating whether to use the 
i386 or AMD64 versions of FreeBSD. I've been running -CURRENT (well, now 
RELENF_5) since 5.0 DP1 on my current system and don't mind the 
occasional issues that come with doing so. I am curious however what 
will and will not work in the AMD64 port. My main concerns are KDE, 
Mozilla, oggenc and similar desktop apps. I know most ports I use are 
known to be working, and I believe that Linux32 compatability is in a 
testing phase currently, anything else I should know before making the 
move? Is there a web page somewhere that lists what ports are known 
working/not working on AMD64?

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