freebsd i386 on amd64 hardware?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Fri Sep 24 14:11:39 PDT 2004


I'm planning to buy a new box, and would like to move to
amd64 hardware. 

Now, I'm running FreeBSD-4.10 on i386 right now
(Pentium III) and I guess that the switch to both a different
architecture and a different branch could be too much (I
don't know for sure, but since it is possible I need to take
it into account).

My question would thus be:

is it possible to run 32-bit FreeBSD (4.x) on amd64

If the answer is yes, perhaps I could go for a dual bootable
box (32 bit 4.10 / 64bit 5.3) for a while, until I
see how it all goes.

Thanks in advance,


PS: I've been reading the list for recommended
motherboards and chipsets and probably will be sticking to
an MSI with a Via K8T800 chipset. If you have other suggestions
I'll be more than glad to hear them. Thanks!

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