Mainboard suggestions?

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Tue Sep 21 16:04:51 PDT 2004

>> The MSI Master series of mobos work very nicely with FreeBSD, both
>> in 32-bit and 64-bit mode.  We have a handful of the Master
>> dual-AthlonMP boards, and a pair of the Master dual-Opteron boards.
>>  All deveices on the mobo as detected and usuable under FreeBSD
>> 5.2.1 and 5.3.  The VIA K8T800 chipset is very stable in our
>> testing, and the SATA support is decent (didn't stress it much, but
>> never had any problems with it).

> Well I'd have to argue about that. I had to replace a MSI  K8T
> Master2-FAR board with 2 opteron 242 processors because it was causing
> crashes to no end during high load. As soon as the load went over 10
> for
> a longer period the board crashed. After long discussions with people
> doing the amd64 port I bought a new board (Tyan Tiger), and that has
> proven rock solid with all the same components. Supposedly it is
> because
> of  "things" with the VIA chipset, but the finer details never became
> clear.
> And looking at others thru google, there are a lot of people not very
> happy with that board.

Hmmm, strange.  We didn't do much in the way of stress testing, beyond
loading 5.2.1, and running buildworld a bunch of times a week to bring
it up to 5.3-BETA1.  At that point, it was recommissioned as a Fedora
Core 2 box running in 32-bit mode, for a Linux-only app.  While it was
runing 64-bit FreeBSD, though,we never had any problems.  It was never
super-loaded, though.

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