Mainboard suggestions?

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Sat Sep 18 17:05:34 PDT 2004

Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

> Well I'd have to argue about that. I had to replace a MSI  K8T 
> Master2-FAR board with 2 opteron 242 processors because it was causing 
> crashes to no end during high load. As soon as the load went over 10 for 
> a longer period the board crashed. After long discussions with people 
> doing the amd64 port I bought a new board (Tyan Tiger), and that has 
> proven rock solid with all the same components. Supposedly it is because 
> of  "things" with the VIA chipset, but the finer details never became 
> clear.
> And looking at others thru google, there are a lot of people not very 
> happy with that board.


   I installed the "MSI K8T Neo2 FIR" and an AMD64 3800+  in my old chassie this thursday.
   It is a socket 939 board with Via KT800Pro  chipset.  Today I have installed Fbsd 5.3 AMD64 Beta4
    with some success.  It is a single CPU board with Realtek gigabit Eth , Firewire and ATA/SATA
   Raid. ( Promise chipset)

    I Have disabled the RAID in Bios an use the "trusted" old ATA UDMA100. Otherwise the Ethernet and
    firewire interfaces runs from the beginning with the BETA4 CDROM.

    I did choose this board because there was too many reported problems with NFORCE 3 boards.
    specifically the "sk0 - driver " problems that seems plauge all newer ASUS boards. Also
    I wanted the socket 939  128-bit ram-bus with non-ecc memory for cost and speed reasons.
    I paid about $1200  for the MOBO + AMD64 3800 + 1 GB  RAM.

    If I was buying an Opteron SMP workstation, and money was not an issue...
    I would go for the "SUN Microsystems  W2100z" , its built around the AMD8000  series chipset.



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