64-bit HAL for ath_hal module

RIchard N. Fogle rich at neosaint.org
Mon Sep 20 16:16:09 PDT 2004


  There is a 64-bit HAL for the Atheros chipset in the CVS version of
madwiki..  Any chance that will be included in the ath_hal device for
AMD64 FreeBSD?  I made an attempt at getting this to work myself by
dropping in the 64-bit, but received a missing symbol of
"ath_hal_memcpy" when loading the driver. 
  I then defined "ath_hal_memcpy" as "bcopy((_src), (_dst), (_size))" as
required in ah_osdep.h, and with a version change, the module loded
successfully with the device found.  Unfortunately, when I try to
manipulate it after an "ifconfig ath0 up" I get a kernel panic. 
Honestly didn't think it would be that easy, but I thought I'd try. 
  I have a copy of the 64-bit HAL if anyone needs it..  Something
changed somewhere but I'm not all that experienced in this sort of
thing.  Until then I'm running i386/FreeBSD 5.3BETA3 on my dual
Opteron.  Tried Fedora but it gave me fits.  I'm probably in the
minority, but wireless is the only method I have for connecting to the



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