getting an amd64 system

murrayp at murrayp at
Mon Sep 6 19:55:37 PDT 2004


I'm thinking of purchasing a new amd64 system.	I have used freeBSD on an
amd64 for about 4-5 months now, so I am somewhat familiar with it, but I
only know a bit.  I am going to put freeBSD5.2.1 on the new system and I
have a few concerns about some of the hardware on this new system:

1) This system comes with a DVDRW drive, I assume that burning DVD's is well
defined (possible) by now is it?
2) I'm getting an Asus Radeon 9600XT 128MB AGP w/DVI for my video card.  Is
this supported, or is this a big mistake?  If so, is there a comparable
video card that is supported?
3) I am connecting to a wireless network.  Is WiFi supported in 5.2.1? for
any of the cards out there?  If not, is WiFi supported in FreeBSD, period
(ie: for any systems, including an i386, etc?)

thanks very much,

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