Latest MFSs break boot on amd64 notebook.

Andrew Lankford andrew.lankford at
Mon Sep 6 12:08:00 PDT 2004

>I just tested the BETA3 shapshot that will be released >in the morning and everything works fine.  The best >guess that I have is that you updated before all of the >work was committed to the tree.  You should
>be able to use the BETA3 disks to recover your system.

I burned BETA3-amd64-disc2 and tried booting from it.
Again, regardless of what I tried, the computer locked
up and then powered down before it got to the kernel
copyright message.

Unlike my last fateful build of the kernel however, the spinner got to "|" instead of just "-" or "/".

I'm fighting the temptation to try BETA3-i386-disc2 to see if it does the same thing.

Andrew Lankford

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