FreeBSD 5.3 problem on Dual AMD64 2.2GHz with 8GB RAM continues

Ganbold ganbold at
Thu Oct 28 19:25:36 PDT 2004


>By chance, have you tried both with 4GB per CPU and with all 8GB on one
>CPU?  Did it make a difference?

With 4GB RAM I compiled kernel without ATA support and tried new kernel 
with 8GB RAM.
Still same result, not working. Next I will try to compile kernel without 
SMP support and let's see.
I have to make binary update again, since after putting 8GB RAM file system 
was corrupted.
If kernel without SMP will not work I don't know what to do. I will be 
Please let me know if there is anything I can try.

>I would enable the SRAT table, but do keep disabled the Node memory
>interleave.  FreeBSD will not use the SRAT table, but with it
>ON/Enabled/AUTO I know the CPU will be set up a certain way that we do
> > HPET Timer                      -> Enabled
> > ECC                             -> Enabled
> > DRAM ECC                        -> Enabled
> > ECC Scrub Redirection           -> Disabled
>I would turn on ECC Scrub Redirection, but thats just to gain reliability.

I tried settings in BIOS setup as you suggested. No difference.

>I would also download the latest memtest86+ ISO image from
>, burn it to CDROM, and see if all your RAM passes.  I
>assume it is IBM [re]branded?

I checked memory with memtest. No errors, passed everything.


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