Ernst W. Winter ewinter at ewinter.org
Wed Oct 27 02:23:08 PDT 2004

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

> Ernst W. Winter wrote:
> >Thanks, that sounds nicer. I wonder if there would be something like
> >a "HW buyers guide for the FreeBSD AMD64" around somewhere as that
> >would help people that switch frim AMD32. Still I have to be content
> >with the one I have at home, but hope that the problems will be
> >solved soon. Again I will take your advice and talk to the customer
> >and let them know.
> I started doing that 'cause I saw a lot of questions like this, but
> it got rather outdated since I now got my dual opteron system up
> and running.  The remarks/discussions in this group are still
> lingering in my inbox to be added, but things move rather rapidly
> in the area of boards and CPUS.  Especially in the single porcessor
> field.
I can imagine when you have your mind on the dual system. :-)

> http://withagen.dyndns.org/FreeBSD/notes/amd64-hardware.html
> The same holds for the AMD64 FAQ. plenty of input ready to add/correct.
> But little work done with it.
> http://withagen.dyndns.org/FreeBSD/notes/amd64-FAQ.html
Thanks for the urls as they come in handy and I can pass them on to
others too. At least a start with the AMD64.


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