Ernst W. Winter ewinter at ewinter.org
Tue Oct 26 23:50:06 PDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Lars Tunkrans wrote:

> Ernst W. Winter wrote:
> >Thanks, the same has happen with the Nvidea3 250 I have here with
> >a Gigabyte MB, so I think I rather will use the ASUS again as I
> >had good experience with them all the time so far as well I will
> >have to put a box together for a customer that want a AMD64/754
> >with FreeBSD.  I have a Lancard in mine now and it works ok, but
> >no sound.
> Hi,
>  The advice I usually give these days is :
>  Forget socket 754  -  buy  socket 939.  Its faster with it's DUAL
>  DIMM 128 bit memorybus.
>  					 Its also the future, the New
>  					 AMD Athlon64 4000+ and
> 					 the FX-55  are both socket
> 					 939.
>  Avoid the current batch of ASUS boards for FreeBSD. Most of them
>  have Either or Both of the NVIDIA Nforce3 chipsets and the Marvel
>  Yukon sk0  Ethernet chip.
>  I bought the MSI K8T Neo2 FIR.  with  K8T800-PRO  chipset and
>  Realtek re0 Gigabit chip.
>   works beautifully . Does a seti at home workunit in 2 hours and 15
>   minutes, with the Athlon64  3800+ CPU.
Thanks, that sounds nicer. I wonder if there would be something like
a "HW buyers guide for the FreeBSD AMD64" around somewhere as that
would help people that switch frim AMD32. Still I have to be content
with the one I have at home, but hope that the problems will be
solved soon. Again I will take your advice and talk to the customer
and let them know.


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