Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Tue Oct 26 14:50:52 PDT 2004

Ernst W. Winter wrote:

> Thanks, the same has happen with the Nvidea3 250 I have here with a
> Gigabyte MB, so I think I rather will use the ASUS again as I had
> good experience with them all the time so far as well I will have to
> put a box together for a customer that want a AMD64/754 with FreeBSD.
> I have a Lancard in mine now and it works ok, but no sound.


  The advice I usually give these days is :

  Forget socket 754  -  buy  socket 939.  Its faster with it's DUAL DIMM 128 bit memorybus.
  					 Its also the future, the New AMD Athlon64 4000+ and
					 the FX-55  are both socket 939.

  Avoid the current batch of ASUS boards for FreeBSD. Most of them have Either or Both of
  the NVIDIA Nforce3 chipsets and the Marvel Yukon sk0  Ethernet chip.

  I bought the MSI K8T Neo2 FIR.  with  K8T800-PRO  chipset and Realtek re0 Gigabit chip.
   works beautifully . Does a seti at home workunit in 2 hours and 15 minutes, with the
  Athlon64  3800+ CPU.


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