FBSD 5.3RC1 on Fujitsu Siemenes CELSIUS

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sun Oct 24 06:01:49 PDT 2004

Goran Gajic wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed FreeBSD 5.3RC1 on Fujitsu Siemenes Celsius. First 
> problem I had was with sk0. It stops responding and all I can do is 
> ifconfig sk0 down and then ifconfig sk0 up to reset it. Second, server 
> reboots without reason. What can I do to provide more information about 
> spontanious reboots. I'm also sending pciconf -vl as attachment. I 
> didn't compiled kernel I'm using GENERIC.

The technical Overview for Celsius V  accessible from this URL:


Says that its supposed to have a Broadcom gigabit Ethernet i/F  bge0 which is
also found in the pciconf list you supplied.
Have you installed an extra syskonnekt pci card in the machine ?

As this is a DUAL Opteron machine with AMD8000 chipset its either a Tyan board
or something Fujitsu built themselves.

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